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There is no overstating the importance of effective communication when it comes to running a business. Key information travels from the top down, so business owners must be able to communicate clearly with their staff, as well as with peers and potential clients. With technology being so prevalent in today’s business world, writing is quickly becoming the primary way in which we communicate with others.

This blog series will focus on the importance of business writing and how you can use strong writing skills to grow and improve your business. Today, I thought I’d provide a general overview of why I felt this topic was important enough to feature in a series of blog posts, and give you a sneak peek of what posts lie ahead. Let’s start with why I choose to write this series.

One of the clearest examples of why writing well is so important can be found in this commonly used example. Below are two different ways of punctuating a sentence…each resulting in very different meanings:

Let’s eat Grandpa.

Let’s eat, Grandpa.

Do you notice the difference? One is a cannibalistic order, the other just an invitation for Grandpa to come to dinner. Now imagine this order was issued within your company with the incorrect comma placement. Yikes!

Although that was a humorous example, small mistakes in business writing can make or break your company. One missed decimal place in a quote to a client could cost you thousands of dollars. One poorly worded response to a customer complaint could result in a costly lawsuit. Effective writing not only earns respect in the business world, it prevents big problems.

Some of the topics I intend to cover in this series include:

–        The different kinds of business writing and how each one impacts your company

–        Invaluable writing tools and how you can access them

–        How to earn money through your writing

–        Ways you can publish your writing, and

–        Effective ways to market your writing and, as a result, your business.

The risks involved in poor business writing are too great to ignore. Through this blog series, I hope to help you not only avoid those risks, but learn how to make writing lucrative for you and your company. In my next post, I’ll share the main types of business writing and how to make sure you and your staff are doing them well. I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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