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My career journey began when I was a child. My parents raised me in a manner that made me believe I could do anything! I was encouraged and applauded in whatever I wanted to try, from art school (I was horrible, but my parents claimed every project was a masterpiece), to science workshops (my dad wanted another engineer in the family, but math made my head spin).

Then I had the good fortune of taking acting classes, and there I found my passion. Performing fulfilled me like nothing else, and I was sure that was going to be my lifelong career. By the time I graduated college, however, I decided that the role of starving artist wasn’t for me, so I got a “real job.”

I hated it.

One side effect of my parents’ broad-minded upbringing was that I became a fiercely independent thinker. Fitting into someone else’s idea of how businesses should be run and how I could climb the corporate ladder if I did things a certain way made me crazy. I ultimately decided to leave my job and open my own business.

After years of building my business my way and creating a fulfilling and nurturing environment for me and my employees, I had an epiphany… I could help others achieve success like I did. I could marry my passion for performing with my extensive knowledge of sales, marketing, and business successes and failures (oh the failures!), and educate others.

Here are four key things I’ve learned in twenty-three years of business:

  • Acquiring and retaining clients depends on your understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how you can support the former and compensate for the latter.
  • Whether you’re a salesperson for someone else’s company or for your own, you achieve success through building relationships, not exerting pressure.
  • Success is living the life you want, not being able to buy a private jet. (At least, I think so…I can’t afford a private jet.)
  • The people you connect with either buy from you, inspire you, or support you when you’re down. In short, you achieve success through the connections you make.

I am bursting with other valuable lessons that I want to share. I want to help you make your business successful by teaching you the importance of listening, understanding, and solving your clients’ problems. Let’s make your career and business thrive by building connections and igniting success!

“I have seen Susan Southerland speak a couple of times and each time she’s easily been one of my favorite presenters.  She’s knowledgeable…and presents ideas in a friendly, relatable manner.  You can count on Susan for new ideas and tried and true business expertise!”

– Jennifer Ashford, Altar Ego Weddings

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