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Business Consulting

“Susan [gave us] such useful information, complete with illustrations…I was able to present this information to my team in order to create a tactful plan of action when dealing with clients.”

– Misty Beasley, Executive Meeting Manager MPI North Florida

To help you and your business thrive, Susan offers an extensive list of consulting options. Maximize your investment by choosing services that most apply to your company. Have questions about staffing? Want to develop a marketing plan? About to undergo a complete overhaul? Whatever you need to take your business to the next level, Susan can make it happen!

Consulting Topics

Strategic Planning
  • Identifying your needs
    • Not sure where to begin? Susan will work with you and your team to conduct a thorough needs analysis. She’ll evaluate where you want to be as a company and develop a plan to get you there.
  • Setting goals that achieve results
    • Susan will work with you and your team to prioritize the items identified in your needs analysis and create measurable goals to meet those needs.
  • Executing the plan
    • Susan will develop a projected timeline so you and your organization know when to expect the completion of set tasks. She will also conduct regular goal reviews to help keep everyone on task.
  • Planning for sustainability
    • It’s great to have a plan, but Susan wants to be sure your company continues to prosper once her work is complete. She’ll help you plan for the future so you’re prepared for whatever may come.
Susan will serve as an objective third party to review your current personnel and staffing levels to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Through direct interactions with your team and a series of questions about your business and clients, Susan will help you make decisions that will benefit your team and your bottom line.
Training and Development
Are you trying to identify the most effective way to bring on new hires and/or revitalize existing staff? Susan will develop and implement an engaging training and development plan for your business that will motivate and energize your team and produce results.
Sales and Marketing
  • Creating sales “WOWs”
    • In today’s world, you need to set yourself apart from your competition. One of the most effective ways to do that is through sales “WOWs” that create a positive lasting impression on your potential clients. Susan will work with you and your team to come up with sales WOWs that will be sure to set you apart.
  • Crafting compelling stories about your brand
    • Strong marketers have known for years that people aren’t only drawn to products or services, they’re drawn to intriguing stories about those products or services. Susan will help you create and disseminate stories about your brand that will bring customers to your doors.
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Before you can make a plan to beat out your competition, you have to know what you’re up against. Through research and “shop reports,” Susan will review your primary competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to help guide the development of your sales and marketing plan.
Where does your company stand in your particular market? Until you know, it’s hard to plan for the future. Susan will thoroughly review your business’s procedures and performance, comparing them to industry best practices. Using the results, she will then analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses, offering a direction for strategic planning.
Wedding Package Design
Are you interested in offering wedding packages, but don’t know how to get started? Susan pioneered the concept of inclusive wedding packages in Central Florida, and she can help you do it, too!
Client Communication Tools
Did you know that every generation has a preferred method of communication? Are you sure your current methods are reaching your intended audience? Susan will evaluate your current communication tools and make recommendations for improvement to ensure you’re not missing out on business opportunities
Media Planning and Public Relations
Companies rise and fall based on how they’re perceived by the general public. Let Susan gain your business positive exposure in the media through a tactical public relations campaign.
Wedding Program Development
If you’re considering offering wedding services within your business, Susan can help. She’ll identify all of the elements your company needs to add or adjust to support a successful wedding program, including staff, space, marketing, training, and much more!


Susan is a nationally-renowned and beloved speaker who specializes in relevant business topics presented in a personable, down-to-earth manner. Whether you’re looking for a motivational key note at your national conference or a personalized seminar for your 10-person team, Susan will deliver a speech or presentation that exceeds your every expectation!

“Susan is an excellent speaker…she will listen to a question or comment…and answer specifically about what the inquirer is saying. She is an expert at saying the right thing at the right time.”

– Ellen Lynn, Publisher Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide

Speaking Topics

Branding Basics
Define Your Company Through Color
Business Nightmares
Recover from Sales Mishaps and Missteps
Conquer Information Overload
Translate Ideas into Actions
Deal Breakers
Stop Clients from Choosing Your Competition
Defy Gravity
Propel Your Business to High Growth
Difficult Conversations
How to Tell Anyone Anything
Sales Strategies
Grow Your Wedding Business

Sell to Brides at Every Planning Phase

The Customer Isn't Always Right
Manage Unrealistic Client Expectations
Type Casting
Personality Marketing to Today’s Buyers
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