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 Happy 2013, everyone!

These early days of January are typically when individuals and businesses set their goals. Just Events! Group is holding its first staff meeting of the year this week, and our team is working on establishing goals across all of our brands, including The Susan Southerland Secret. It’s both exciting and a little daunting to think that what we put into place now is meant to guide the company into (hopefully) more success in the coming months. We know that we need to set goals with care.

One of the goals we intend to implement this year is trying at least one new thing to energize the business. If you’re at all familiar with goal-setting, you know that each goal, whether personal or business-related, should be measureable and have a plan of action to achieve it. I’m looking forward to meeting with my team and deciding what exciting new undertaking we’ll plan this year…and whether we’ll stop at just one!

If you’re considering a goal like this, you might be wondering what new things you could try in your own business. Here are some ideas for you:

Join a new organization in your field. Are you a small business owner? Consider a resource like http://smallbix.meetup.com, where you can find other small business owners in your area and network with them. These groups are amazing sources of support and information.

  • Rebrand. If you have the financial resources to do so, consider giving your company’s brand a facelift in 2013. You can generate a lot of buzz via social networking and by getting your community partners behind the change. Many times, a new brand revitalizes employees, too.
  • Diversify. Are you a photographer who specializes in weddings? Consider branching into portraits and professional head shots. Does your business focus on local consumers? Consider going national—or even global! The internet puts everything within your reach.
  • Develop a new product. Consider something that your customers request that goes as an unfulfilled need, then work toward filling that need. I did this when I created the Just Marry! Color Wheel because brides wanted something portable they could bring to vendor appointments that didn’t resemble a collection of paint chips. Many items can be created with minimal cost and output, especially if you tap into your staff’s talents to avoid outsourcing.

Now’s the time to commit to new and innovative ideas to revitalize your business. Listen to your team and come to a decision together on what will work best for your company. If you get your team behind the idea, you’re well on your way to success!

Do you have any additional items to add to the above list? Let us know how you’re revamping your business in 2013!

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